The Main Sail Smiths is a business of renown in the Known World. The shop is the premire sail maker for the Northern part of ThirdLand.

This business started out as the only Sail Makers (SailSmiths in the local parlance) in Antioch. Ships moving along the Antioch river can go under sail most of the time, so they needed sails. Eventually sea going ships stopping in Antioch needed sails. The business florished and spawned similar "shops" in Antioch. For a time, The Main Sail Smith shop was both a shop and the Guild Hall for the SailSmiths. Now, there is a modest guild home that mostly serves as a gathering place for retired clothsmiths and sailsmiths.

What sets The Main Sail Smiths apart is the trademarked fabric it makes its sails out of. The trademarked weave of these sails is difficult to do, but makes for intensly strong fabric. Others try to duplicate it, but no one completely succeeds at it. Many SeaClans have taken to buying some of their sails here. Thus you will find Main Sails across the Known World.

The Main Sail Smiths is housed in several buildings along the road between the Makers and the Dock districts in Antioch. The buildings are traditional Antioch (neo-tudor, two story townhomes). While they all appear seperate, the buildings of that block are all linked by the back. Many of the middle buildings have their second story knocked out, so sails can be hung from the roof to the floor. Above the main sales area, the owners family lives. The dozens of other employees either crash in the storage areas or take rooms in other areas of the city.

The shop is currently run Marcus Excellius the fifth known as Marcus Sail-Smith, the fifth generation in his family to run this shop. He is a tall man with strong hands. That seems to be a family trait. Other than his keen wit, he is really quite unremarkable.

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