Eye of the Mindless Servant

A monocle lens made out of enchanted glass that allows the wearer to see through the eyes of golems and statues marked by the wearer.



The Eye of the Mindless Servant was created specially for a talented sculptor.

The Artisan used the lens as not only a bit of artistic flair to set himself apart, but also for a secret purpose. The Artisan used it to see through the eyes of golems he had crafted, passing them off as the beautiful statues they were and using that front to spy on the noble estates both in his home city and abroad, even on the King in his own gardens where many secrets were exchanged.


A simple monocle made up of gold and amber tinted glass. The frame shaped to fit the owner precisely.


The Eye, as it is widely now known, helped in one's concentration, seeming to allow one to focus far more easily. It's other, more notable quality was that it permitted the wearer to see through the eyes of golems that the maker had crafted at will.


Monuments Great and Small - Such as fountains, gargoyles, statues, and colossi.


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The item itself is just kind of there, but the concept of a sculptor using his art to spy on his wealthy and noble patrons is fantastic. It could even be used as a Xanatos Gambit, where the statue is made, with the intent of being stolen, so that the commissioner could easily spy on those who stole it, through such a magic item.

Well done.

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Excellent in the utilitariasm of the submission. Simple but super useful.

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Nice item and interesting little subplot you've set up here